Deputies Respond to April Fools Prank Turned Dangerous

Tori Wheeler (from Facebook)

A Wagoner County woman was taken into custody Monday after her April Fools joke left her boyfriend with a stab wound to the neck.

Wagoner County Deputies arrested Tori Wheeler, 18, on a complaint for assault with a deadly weapon. Wheeler reportedly stabbed Derek Bauer during an incident that occurred at the residence in Wagoner County.

According to a release from the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office, deputies arrived at the scene where Wheeler told officers that she had initially informed her boyfriend, Bauer, that she was pregnant "as an April fools joke."

Wheeler told officers that Bauer got angry and she produced a knife to threaten him with as a joke. She said Bauer became angry and threatened to call police on Wheeler.

During the incident, Wheeler lost her tempter and cut Bauer's throat resulting in seven stitches, according to the release. Bauer also sustained two bite marks during the altercation.

Bauer was taken to an area hospital. Police transported Wheeler to the Wagoner County Jail.

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