Deputies Seeing More Children Lost at the Fair

There's a growing problem at the Tulsa State Fair this year. Every year, Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies have to look for lost children, but this year they're noticing more children just being dropped off by their parents that are left unsupervised.

"Daily we run into 12 to 15 misplaced or lost children. A lot of times the parents will show up at the end of the night and want to find their kid and their kids are running the midway," Tulsa County Sheriff's Office Capt. Billy McKelvey said.

With so many things to see, eat, and enjoy, some parents said this isn't a place to let children run free.

"I hardly let them roam around in my back yard without us there, I am just kidding. I would never let them roam around where I couldn't see them," Michelle Williams said.

Williams has two boys nine and eight. She said they have specific instructions when they come to places with large crowds.

"We keep an eye on them for one thing but we reviewed on our way walking up here if somebody grabs to fight and scream and poke eyeballs," Williams said.

McKelvey said most of the time it's the parents locating the deputies to say their children are missing because the cell phone is dead or the children lost track of time.

"If you do happen to drop your children off, make sure that they have a watch, that they know they can keep time, that they have a cell phone and make sure that the cell phone has a full charge on the battery, so they can reach out to their children at a certain time," McKelvey said.

Deputies said if children do get into trouble and the deputies can prove they needed supervision, the child could face some type of charges.

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office booth has bracelets you can get your children to put your name and number on it if they get separated from you.

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