Detectives Arrest 18-Year-Old for Possession of Child Pornography

Robert Sternke, Sand Springs resident

An 18-year-old man was arrested early Wednesday morning on counts of child pornography and possession of marijuana.

Robert Sternke was arrested just before 8 a.m. at his residence in Sand Springs. He was detained for allegedly possessing four files containing child pornography material.

According to the arrest report, an investigation was conducted through the Internet Crimes Against Children Oklahoma Task Force back in November. An officer reported that an individual had been search for files "related to child abuse material including child pornography on the ARES network."

The individual was later identified as Sternke of Sand Springs.

On Nov. 8, the investigating officer found that Sternke had completed the download of four files that a computer on the network had been making available. The officer was able to identify Sternke after contacting the Internet service provider for the registered IP address.

Officers arrived at Sternke's residence Wednesday morning in order to search for the material, according to the arrest report. Once inside, they attempted to gain access to his bedroom and kicked the door open, which had been locked.

During their interview with Sternke, police questioned him if he knew anything about it and he "hung his head and said, 'yea, I don't want to get my family involved."

Sternke then proceeded to show officers where the computer and hardware were located and continued to tell them he didn't want to get his family involved.

According to the police report, detectives obtained one HP computer tower, two laptop computers, two thumbdrives, a cellphone and two game consoles. They also found a silver canister with a green leafy substance later identified as marijuana.

Sternke was transported to the Tulsa County jail for possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and four counts of child pornography.