Detectives Seek Suspect in Reported Sexual Assault at Coffee Shop

Police are continuing their investigation Wednesday after a coffee shop employee was reportedly sexually assaulted.

It's an incident that happened over at the Agora Coffee House after receiving word that the employee had been sexually assault around noon Tuesday. The business is located near 51st and Memorial.

At the scene officers stated that a young man, possibly around age 16, walked into the coffee shop. He went to the bathroom then returned to the counter with a semi-automatic weapon.

He then reportedly demanded money from the register. There were two women working at the time. They gave him an undisclosed amount of money. Police said he forced them into separate rooms, then forced one of them to perform a sexual act.

"For this individual to be that brazen to attack one of the employees when there's an additional employee inside the business was really unusual," said Officer Leland Ashley.

Officer Ashley said the young man left on foot wearing a gray hoodie and black beanie cap.

Police said the victim is traumatized but otherwise doing okay.

A manager at Agora did not comment about the attack and said he was unsure whether or not the shop would close early Tuesday. It usually closes at 9 p.m. Channel 8 tried to call the shop around 7:30 p.m. and no one answered.

Channel 8 spoke with a shopper at the Fontana Shopping Center who said he regularly arms himself. He said he has never felt unsafe at the complex but said people need to protect themselves.

One business owner nearby said she arms her workers with mace for safety. However, she said she has never heard of anything like this happening in the area.

Officer Ashley said there is no clear rule on what to do in this type of attack. He said stores are not always easy to escape from in armed robbery situations. He said the priority is always preserving personal safety.

"I would never tell anyone not to fight back," Ashley said.