Detectives Looking for Person of Interest in Locksmith Shooting

Tulsa Homicide Detectives are looking for a person of interest for questioning in relation to the shooting death of a locksmith earlier this week.According to a news release, investigators are looking for 21-year-old Dewayne Fulsom for questioning in relation to the shooting death of Sebastian Geiger.Geiger was the locksmith who went out to unlock the vehicle near 7800 E. 49th St.An argument between Geiger and two others began when the victim raised his estimate from $60 dollars before the job to $100 dollars after the job was complete.

Detectives have been in contact with Fulsom, but he has yet to come in for questioning. According to the report, evidence indicates that Fulsom was the person that fired into Geiger's truck.

Another victim was in the truck at the time, but was not struck by any gunfire. The report states that Fulsom continued to shoot at the victim as the victim fled the scene on foot.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Fulsom please call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-2677 or email