Detectives Say Parents Should Be Vigilant With Safety

The day after a young girl was abducted and returned to her family, police say parents should be more vigilant over their children.

While stranger abductions are rare, they do happen.

Parents were watchful today at Whiteside Park. Even though they all know each other, one mother explained how she looks for strangers.

Police say the number one mistake parents make is not paying enough attention. Letting your child play outside alone could put them at risk.

Police say predators act on an urge and they look for children who could be targets.

"Looking for children being alone, not any adult supervision around them. Maybe they've driven around neighborhood before, see a way in and out of the the neighborhood or apartment complex, maybe a pattern the child has," explained Detective Stacy Kelly who investigates child exploitation crimes.

According to research, most abductions involve a male predator and a female victim.

Police say there is no appropriate age to allow children to play alone, or without supervision.