Differences Claimed in Oklahoma Education Lawsuit

Legislators this year directed the state Board of Education to drop Common Core academic standards, return to those in place in 2010 and develop new standards by 2016. A lawsuit claims there is a major difference between Common Core and the previous standards that could leave Oklahoma students at a disadvantage when compared to students in other states.

MATHEMATICS: Among other things, the lawsuit states that Common Core standards require second-graders to understand decimal notations in math problems. The earlier standards for second-graders do not include decimals but instead require solving problems involving the number of days in a week, month or year, according to the lawsuit.

ENGLISH: The state's previous education standards for English emphasized reading predominantly fiction. Common Core increased the focus on literacy in informational, technical, scientific, historical and other types of writing, the lawsuit states.

CRITICAL THINKING: The earlier state standards emphasized students' retention of information about what they have read, such as identifying the characters, retelling the main events and describing the setting. Common Core emphasized critical thinking and analysis, including comparing and contrasting the experiences of different characters, what the author was attempting to convey and the information the author used effectively to make a point, according to the lawsuit.

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