Diggins Spends Time With Youth Basketball Players

Often we're so caught up in our own learning, we can lose perspective on what it can be like to be the mentor and not the student.

For Tulsa Shock rookie point guard Skylar Diggins, she's accustom to a share of both.

"My dad is a director at several of the youth centers in South Bend so I just grew up like that," Diggins said Tuesday evening at the Shock Basketball Academy in southeast Tulsa. "It's just the importance of giving back to the community and giving kids a positive role model to look up to like I did growing up."

Diggins spent time that evening with all of the youth players at the academy. The interactions included answering questions, taking pictures, and just becoming more acquainted with the younger fan base of the area.

When asked what Skylar enjoys the most about these intereactions, "Being able to touch one person; even if it's just one person," Diggins replied. "The opportunity of having an impact in a child's life. Just having that feeling now, it's a humbling feeling."

For Diggins, the message is this: younger kids should try a variety of extracirricular activities, including different sports. And do it with the encouragement and support of the parents.

"Obviously when you have such young kids, you want to encourage the parents to really be involved," explained Diggins. "I know that the reason I'm standing here in the league now is because my mom really supported me throughout whatever I wanted to do."

Skylar also admitted of all the different sports she tried in her youth, basketball was actually the last. Needless to say, sticking with it has worked out for the best. As for her Tulsa Shock, they return to action at the BOK Center Thursday evening against the L.A. Sparks.