Digital Bookmobile Demonstrates Potential of E-Books

Those uncertain about making the switch from traditional books to e-books can have all their questions answered at a digital bookmobile.

The Digital Bookmobile National Tour will be on hand to provide insight and answered on accessing digital books for all those interesting. The mobile unit will be located Tuesday at Hardesty Regional Library and Wednesday at Martin Regional Library.

Children and adults will learn how to download e-books from the library through interactive demonstration and high-definition instructional videos, according to the press release. The mobile unit also will have a gadget gallery with a Kindle, Android tablet, NOOK and iPod touch to help discover which devices are compatible with the library's download service.

The Digital Bookmobile is housed within an 18-wheel tractor trailor and equipped with broadband Internet-connected PCs and high-definition monitors. Visitors can browse the library's digital media collection through interactive learning stations.

For more information on the library's e-book service, visit their website at