Digs for Dogs - Free Shelter for Your Canines

Like any successful marketing campaign, you gotta have a catchy name for your product, and Linda Adkins has one.

"Digs for dogs," she said.

An initiative to help canine's confront the cold.

"Unfortunately, a lot of dogs are going to die because they don't have shelter," she said.

Fortunately the city of Tulsa just happens to have a whole lotta old trash carts along with one big question.

"What to do with them?," asked Tulsa city councilor David Patrick.

And if you know the councilor, you take 20 of them down to his shop, watch him fire up the machinery, and stand back.

"When you're working with power tools, I'd rather do it myself, I don't want anybody, volunteer to lose a finger," he said.

If they did this story would be much more scandalous - "Volunteer loses finger at councilors garage." As it is we'll make do with "Fido saved from freezing at councilors garage."

"This could catch on nationwide, that a re-purposing, recycle, that's always a great opportunity," he said.

And if you're wondering if they smell, the answer is no.

"They're cleaned, we're cleaning them, you know with some Clorox and soap and everything, so we're cleaning them very well," said Adkins.

The plan is to have them available at the Tulsa animal shelter for the very low cost of free.

"Just go by and say I need a dog house," said Adkins.

"If you need one, come get one.," said Patrick.