Disaster Relief Donations To Help Tornado Victims

Relief efforts for the tornado victims are ongoing. The Salvation Army and Red Cross are always good starting points. There are other ways to help too. The images from the tornadoes across Oklahoma always compel people to give. But how do you know what does the most good? We've come to the Red Cross for answers.

Ten years and five gallons of blood later....

"I've got 'O'- positive which is common and universal says Tom Hardesty. He knew he had to do something. Some people give green. He gives red.

"I said I'll think I'll go in and start doing it again so here I am," says Hardesty.

But it's green that goes the farthest.

"A financial donation allows the Red Cross to buy the supplies that are most needed for this specific disaster," says Donita Quesnel with the Red Cross.

Here's the issue with people giving items. It's storing, sorting, then distributing them. For disaster responders immediate help is the priority. Watch as the Red Cross, had an emergency of its own.

"And there are even other areas surrounding that and even some areas right here in Tulsa....(lights flicker). Sorry (looks around), our generator will kick in," says Quesnel

For the Red Cross it's also hoping the donations will keep coming. It's the juice like the generator that keeps this place and their services running.

"It's all appreciated every donation is appreciated but we encourage people to think ahead and plan for helping out down the road a little bit when some of this goodwill has already been expended," says Quesnel.