Discussions Continue on Future of Miami Civic Center

Discussions continue this month among various departments for the future of Miami's Civic Center.

City leaders discussed the issue earlier this week during a regularly schedule meeting. Officials have been going over what to do with the deteriorating existing building that houses city operations, the police department and a community center.

City Manager Jeff Bishop told KTUL that decision makers were forced to rethink their original plan to renovate the Civic Center. This was after studies determined that it would take an estimated $3 million to bring the building to current standards.

Previous reports state that the current facility has been having issues from a constantly leaking roof to an antiquated boiler system .

Bishop said that members of the Miami City Council asked how much a new building would cost. That prompted discussions with a contractor currently building a new stadium for an area college in Miami.

Officials will meet again in July to go over a presentation with the contractor. Discussions have also begun with another contractor to possibly lease an existing building in Miami.

Bishop believes that a decision on the Miami Civic Center will be made at the end of July. KTUL will continue to follow this story.