Wagoner Judge Gives Tullahassee Additional Days to Pay Off Water Bill

Residents in a Wagoner County community have until the end of the month before their water service could be turned off.

Town leaders in Porter and Tullahassee have been unsuccessfully negotiating for the past few years to resolve an unpaid water bill dispute. Tullahassee owes Porter an approximate $30,000 for the water that is delivered to them.

"We've made offers to the town of Tullahassee to take over the water system and do billing and collecting," Mayor Richard Keck said. "Then [we] offered to take over the Tullahassee water system period, none of the offers that we've made have been accepted."

Discussions moved to a Wagoner County courtroom earlier this week. A judge granted a 20 day suspension in the case for both parties to resolve the issue of the unpaid water bill on their own.

"My hope is that we do get it worked out and that we don't have to come back to court except to say that we got this situation solved," Mayor Keck said.

Porter officials initially notified leaders in Tullahassee that their supply would be turned off by June 5 if the water bill wasn't paid. KTUL learned Thursday morning that Tullahassee still hadn't paid their bill at last check.

Keck compared the situation to any resident who gets their water turned off if they don't pay their bill adding that "business is business."

"I really want to get it resolved before we have to shut the water off. I've got too many friends that live out there, I know too many people that live out there. And I don't want to do this to them."

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