District 7 Race Heats Up

City hall was quiet Monday, but before you know it...

"We've got eight weeks from tomorrow," said Tulsa city councilor Arianna Moore, embroiled in a battle for her District 7 seat, which took an unusual turn recently when rumors surfaced that she might drop out of the race.

"That is totally false. I'm 100% running for city council again, and I am just shocked and appalled that somebody would stoop to such a level and spread such a rumor," she said.

"I would never judge anybody. So I respect, I presume that she's decided she's staying in this race," said challenger Anna America.Both candidates have sworn off mudslinging, but Anna America says she will talk about her opponents job performance."Her hearts in the right place and I think that she cares about the city. I don't think that city council is the right job for her, frankly," she said."I've got a lot of things working that I'm working on that I'm not ready to give up on yet," said Moore."I've heard her say numerous times, 'We don't have any issues in District 7, we don't have any problems,' and that's just not true," said America."The thing is she's never contacted me before, she's never asked or brought up a problem forward, so if maybe there's something she needed to be worked on, I didn't know," said Moore.The race for District 7, already buzzing with anticipation that can only build."I hope that there are opportunities for debates and for forums for both of us to get out there," said America."I don't know of any planed right now but I'm sure, there's eight weeks," said Moore.