District Attorney Will Not Charge Tahlequah Teen For Animal Cruelty

The Cherokee County District Attorney has declined to press charges against a Tahlequah teen for cruelty to animals, Thursday, March 7.

According to a letter from Jack Thorp, assistant district attorney for Cherokee County, no formal charges will be filed against Caisen Green for shooting and killing a stray pit bull with an arrow.

The letter from Thorp is to the Cherokee County Undersheriff Jason Chennault.

According to the letter, Green stated that he acted in self-defense. The pit bull had "snarled" and charged him, which is when he shot the dog. Green had been practicing his archery skills in his yard at the time.

After Green went to Facebook, which created a social media frenzy. A Facebook group was created to showcase the death of the pit bull and acts of animal cruelty.

Thorp stated that the statement Green made on Facebook is protected as freedom of speech. Thorp said that there was nothing indicating animal cruelty because of Green's admission of self-defense.

"My analysis of those statements and how they relate to the photo, leave me not nearly enough evidence to support issuing an arrest warrant and further prosecution for Animal Cruelty," Thorp stated.

According to Thorp, the dog had been seen before by a neighbor. The pit bull had been seen nipping at the neighbors cattle.