Top Qualities Job Interviewers Look For

With the unemployment rate up, a lot of Americans are on the job hunt right now. When you're looking for work, you certainly need the right skills, education and experience.{} But there are many other qualities job interviewers look is out with a list of 25 of these qualities. They include:

  • Showing lots of energy.{} Come across as dull and boring, and chances are you'll never make the short list for that job.
  • Good manners are also important.{} That includes simple, but often forgotten things like maintaining eye contact and waiting to sit until your interviewer is seated.
  • Are you financially responsible?{} The job could involve a credit check.{} If you're lacking in this area, fix it before the interview.
  • Punctuality.{} If you're late for interviews, that could be an employer's first clue that you can't meet a deadline.

And here's one that's not on the list, but maybe should be.{} Show respect to the receptionist.{} That's often the first person you meet during your job interview, and chances are how you treat him or her will get back to the boss.Click here for the "25 Qualities Job Interviewers Look For"{}