Documents Show Which City Jobs Will Be Cut

The City of Tulsa has released a list of the 149 jobs that will be cut under the mayor's proposed budget.

Tulsa's Channel 8 requested the list after the mayor announced plans to eliminate city positions.

The documents released this afternoon show that the city will save about $5.5 million in salaries for the positions.

WEB EXTRA: View the full list of positions being eliminated

Mayor Dewey Bartlett says the city doesn't have much of a choice and must slash the budget.

"If we don't have the money, what do we do?" Bartlett said. "We can't deficit spend; we will not deficit spend. We have to set priorities."

Only 23 of the positions are currently filled. The rest are vacant.

"Many of the jobs are not filled by people," Bartlett said. "It's an empty positions that has been budgeted."

The mayor says the city will work to try to reassign some of the affected workers.

Parks and Recreation and Information Technology are taking the biggest hits with the cuts.

The police department is also losing several vacant administrative positions.

Cuts By Department:

  • Parks and Recreation: 26
  • Communications: 2
  • Finance: 11
  • Human Rights: 2
  • Human Resources: 5
  • Municipal Court: 4
  • Working in Neighborhoods: 10
  • Performing Arts: 6
  • Police: 24
  • Fire: 2
  • Information Technology: 21
  • E911: 2
  • Engineering Services: 9
  • Planning and Development: 15
  • 311 Customer Care: 1
  • Streets and Storm Water: 9