Dodgeball Returns To Tulsa This Weekend

Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. If you're a movie buff, you know those are the Five D's of Dodgeball.

Fifty four teams participated in last year's dodge-brawl debut here in Tulsa - this year, the event has maxed out at 64 teams, and it has a new home.

"Last year the event was at the Tulsa Convention center, inside the exhibit hall" SMG Tulsa Special Events Manager Jill Duvall said. "It was just on a big flat surface, and we had some risers that we brought out for seating. This year, being at the BOK Center, we have all the options for lighting... It's a really cool atmosphere. We'll have the scoreboard on, all the stadium seating for the patrons to enjoy, and we're also playing inside the hockey glass. So, if you've seen the Dodgeball movie, and the glass around the court - it's the exact same feel here."

Just like in the movie, once the whistle blows things can get pretty intense.

"Dodgeball is a lot of fun - but we were pretty surprised at how many teams really got competitive," says Duvall.

But at DodgeBrawl, the teams are playing for more than bragging rights.

"Each team has selected a charity that they'd like to play for," says Duvall. "So if their team wins, they get to present a cash prize to their selected charity."

The doors at the BOK Center open at 10AM on Saturday, with all the action beginning at 11AM. There will be prizes awarded for the top three teams, but if you're not that athletic, don't worry - prizes will also be awarded for best team name and costume.