Dodgebrawl Proves Successful Again in 2013

Saturday afternoon, the BOK Center was the site of the second annual "Dodgebrawl" dodgeball tournament. Participants came from all across "Green Country." A total of 62 teams, decked out in their head bands, starter caps, and mullets; armed with neon colored balls.

These participants rely on their cat-like reflexes and hypnotizing dance moves. A noticeable example: The "Fresh Princes of Ball-Air" mastered the infamous "Carlton Shuffle" from the popular 1990's TV series "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

They all do so in hopes of taking home the title of 2013 Dodgebrawl champions and a donation to the charity of their choice. According to the winners of last year's event, a check for a $1,000 dollars was donated to the SPCA on behalf of the "Beasl Bears."

The four playing courts were set up on the BOK Center's ice rink, without the ice. Each match would last up to six minutes with six participants per side.

What did first time competitors think of the action? According to Kenny Stiles, "It's fast, VERY fast!"

There were other consolation prizes aside from second and third place of this double-elimination tournament; one of which went to the team with the best uniforms. Saturday's winner were the Dodgin' Hillbillies. They were rewarded with a $250 dollar check to the March of Dimes.