'Dog Flipping' Trend Strikes Tulsa Pet Owner

A Tulsa woman was letting her dog out in her friend's fenced yard for a few minutes on the morning of June 26, when she says, it was stolen and sold for profit.

"Part of me is just furious. She's not property, she's family," said Amanda, who did not want to be identified using her last name.

Pixie, a full-blooded English Bulldog was born right into her owner's care, but at just 9-weeks-old, her owner, Amanda says the puppy was stolen from her friend's fenced yard around 6:00 AM.

Amanda says, after collecting eyewitness accounts and hiring a private investigator, Pixie was spotted, but with a new owner. Amanda and the investigator say, the dog was stolen and sold to an unsuspecting buyer.

It is a growing trend across the country, often called "Dog Flipping." Someone steals a high-dollar breed - either, right out of the owner's yard, or using Craigslist - and sells the dog for cash or drugs.

Amanda and her private investigator say, they think they know who took Pixie and why. "My belief is that he probably stole the dog, in hopes of trading it for methamphetamines or prescription pills, because they're also known for stealing those," said Amanda's private investigator. He says her puppy has been sold multiple times in just under a month.

With such a disturbing trend hitting so close to home, Amanda has advice for dog owners everywhere. "This happens," she said. "This isn't a one-time thing. This - this happens. Just watch your dogs."

Amanda says she is confident she will get her dog back home soon.

She says, so far, every time they have come close to recovering Pixie, she has been sold to a new owner.

If you have any information on the dog's whereabouts, you are asked to call (918) 312-6344.