Dog Rescuers Concerned a "Fake" Rescue is Selling Dogs

A local dog rescue is urging you to be careful in your search for a family pet. The Lab Rescue Oklahoma group is concerned an imposter is using their name and good intentions.

We met one dog headed for his forever home, Basher. He has his authentic shot records to go along with his adoption But at Lab Rescue Oklahoma, they are concerned they found a fake record with their name on it.

The record was considered fake because it bore the name and the logo of Lab Rescue Oklahoma. They don't make shot records.

They have about 40-labs like Basher, who need homes. He came from a shelter like most of them, and the shots are listed on records from the shelter, or the actual vet, not the rescue. And they should have the tags, attached to prove it.

Rescue organizations will take you through a rigorous application process and even make a visit to your home to see living conditions for the dog.

If it's too easy, that should be a red flag that your dog has not been properly checked out. So there is a concern that someone is perhaps selling dogs and undermining a real rescue's good name.

If you are concerned at all about a rescue, ask for a reference. There has to be a veterinarian or even a pet store they work with.