Donations Coming In and Going for Tulsa Fire

Tulsa firefighters give back to a family that lost their belongings in an arson fire. Saturday evening a north Tulsa home was set on fire by an arsonist and a Tulsa firefighter was injured battling that blaze. Now the department wants to help out the victims of that fire. {}"It is real frustrating to know that this could've never happened," says Tulsa firefighter Anthony Castorena. "It does at times make us angry," says Tulsa firefighter Justin Flake. "Any law-abiding citizen I would imagine that would make them angry," says DJ Lees, owner of The Apothecary Shoppe.It seems like it's the tipping point. In the past few months Tulsa has seen a string of arson fires. Now a firefighter has been injured fighting one of those blazes and the community is saying no more."Be a good example that we get more people willing to give a reward," says Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett."The firefighters are good patrons of us here at The Apothecary Shoppe, as well as they provide a wonderful service for us in the community," says Lees.Mayor Bartlett donated a total of $1000 and Lees donated another $500. More than $3000 has been raised, hoping to entice someone with information about the arsonist to come forward. The firefighters are grateful for the money raised, but want to share the spotlight."I feel like maybe the victims of the fire, the family, maybe getting overshadowed in this and our guys wanted to do something for them," says Stan May with the Tulsa Fire Department. The firefighters at Station 19 are giving back to the family who's home was destroyed in the same fire that put firefighter James O'Neal in the hospital. The family lost most of their Christmas presents and their son's birthday gifts in the fire. "Get to see the smile on his face and how much he cares and how happy he is it really means a lot to us," says firefighter Flake. The firefighters say it was nice for just a second to remember what they are fighting for, but the goal still at hand is to find the arsonist."the community really wants this guy caught and wants to slow this rash of arsons that we've had all across town, we want to put an end to it," says May.The Apothecary Shoppes did donate $500, but they are also matching patients donations up to another $500. Firefighter James O'Neal is doing much better today. He has been moved from the ICU to his own room. If you have any information regarding the arson fires, please call 918-596-ARSN