Donations Needed To Feed Hungry & Homeless Kids

Each snack pack costs $5.00.

Helping children who are hungry and homeless.

A local food pantry is taking donations for kids going back to class.

For the month of August, Iron Gate will work to re-stock it's kids pantry.

It's part of their Back To School Challenge.

The organization gives out 1,000 snack packs every month.

But they say, now is a crucial time of year.

And Meghan Ray says, nutrition is key.

"We normally try to keep them as healthy and nutritious as possible. So we do box milk, juice boxes, fruit cups, raisins. Right now we're even giving popcorn as a fun little treat in our snack packs."

One in every four kids goes to bed hungry.

If you'd like to help, you can make a donation online. Just go to

Each snack pack costs $5.00.