Don't Buy These Gifts For Your Kid

Are you wondering what to get your child this Christmas?{}{} As a parent, you don't want to make a mistake, not only wasting your money, but wasting a good opportunity to teach them an important lesson.{} MSN Money is out with "Eight Gifts You Shouldn't Buy Your Kid".{} Here are a few of them, and why:

  • Your child may be bugging you to buy them a cell phone for Christmas.{} Don't give in.{} Why?{} Your child is probably willing to do almost anything for one, including work for it.{} Buy them a phone, and you've blown what could have been a great teaching tool.
  • Pets are also a bad gift, especially one that can live for a long time.{} When they go off to college, guess who's going to have to take care of it?
  • Anything collectible that you may think it'll be worth a lot of money someday.{} Chances are it won't, unless it's rare and expensive to begin with.
  • Don't buy a replacement gift.{} If your child broke or lost something expensive, don't rush out to replace it.{} That won't teach them to be responsible.

The bottom line is, you want to buy a gift that your child wants, but you don't want to give them something that teaches them the wrong lesson.{} Click here for all "Eight Gifts You Shouldn't Buy Your Kid".