Don't Overeat Now and Starve Later

At this is the time of year, we all face of the challenge of too many good things to eat.

Then comes the 1-st of the year, with all those resolutions to change things once and for all.

An expert on the subject of dieting, says don't binge now and starve later.

Dietitian, Dr. Wendy Bazilian, says deprivation isn't fun and it doesn't work.

She says a healthy diet and exercise are important, but there's also secret ingredient.

That's a positive attitude.

Special-K did a survey of 1000 women.

Nine out of ten, who had a positive outlook on weight management, did much better at losing weight or maintaining their weight.

Plus, they were 8-times less likely to regain weight.

Bazilian says a positive attitude, helps us to seek out a healthy lifestyle.

You simply need to flip a negative view of losing weight and replace it with a positive way of thinking.

Such as the view that weight loss we help with more energy, less stress and looking better.

She recommends having healthy snacks on hand and to celebrate eating the right stuff.

For example, put veggies on plate first, and then ad a few treats.

Bazilian says if you're struggling with making the right choice, ask yourself what you're going to get out of the food.

Veggies will give you crunch, good nutrition and keep you fuller longer.

The Special-K research also shows, that those who change their eating habits, are more successful when the do it with of family and friends.