Don't Send the Wrong Message On Valentine's Day

Flowers are often a popular gift for loved ones on Valentine's Day.

But for last-minute shoppers, be careful the kind of flowers you choose or you may send the wrong message.

Gaylyn Wattman, owner of Mary Murray's Flowers, 3333 E. 31st St., told us about some potential hidden meanings.

She said you should steer away from yellow roses, because they often can represent jealousy.

Baby's breath could mean you want to take the next step in a relationship.

But for new couples, you might want to avoid red roses if you want to avoid getting too serious.

"If you want to dial it back a little bit, you might do something more like daisies or some hydrangeas and other more beautiful blossoms," says Wattman. "That could still be pretty and festive but maybe not quite send too heavy a message, more than you wanna say."

However, she says the most important thing is to not forget your significant other on Valentine's Day.