Do's and Don'ts of Company Holiday Parties

DON'T - Skip the party. It is important to attend and be at your best. It may be frowned upon to not attend.

DON'T - Talk gossip, politics or religion. No matter who you are talking to at the party, keep conversation light. Staying away from hot-button issues. This is not the place to talk about personal issues.

DON'T - Stay tied to your electronics. A holiday party gathering is the perfect opportunity to get some face time with prospective clients and higher-ups. Be present

DON'T - Give the boss a gift. It is not appropriate to give your boss an individual gift. The only time gifting a higher-up would be acceptable is when the team chips in to give a collective one. It is almost impossible to give the boss an individual gift without looking like you are sucking up.

DON'T - Over-consume. Whether its food, alcohol or people, make sure you are enjoying every aspect of the party in moderation. While it may be fun to kick back with your buddies, don't monopolize them, the appetizers or the bar. Boundaries are important.

DO - Determine if you will drink ahead of time. If you decide to have alcoholic, limit yourself. It's also a good idea to have something to eat prior to the party. You do not want to become the topic of office gossip due to embarrassing behavior.

DO - Dress appropriately. Err on the side of conservative. While it is a party, office demeanor and behavior is expected. You can be festive without exposing too much.

DO - Make proper introductions. If you are bringing a date or spouse to the holiday party, be sure you are properly introducing him or her to your bosses and colleagues. This is also a great opportunity to say something nice about your boss.

DO - Say show appreciation. One way to make a great impression is to take the time to say 'Thank you' to your boss or the people who put the party together. It's also a great idea to send a 'thank you' note.