Downtown Collinsville Overrun With Kids, Businesses Concerned

Downtown Collinsville (Photo: Collinsvile Chamber of Commerce)

Downtown Collinsville businesses are concerned about the number of unruly youth roaming downtown.

In a letter published in The Collinsville News, City Manager Pamela Polk writes that the city has received several complaints about children cursing, being obscene, and riding bikes and skateboards on sidewalks.

Polk warns that the city will begin issuing citations for the behavior.

"It would be great if the kids would come downtown and have an ice cream or a coke and be respectful and courteous to others but this isn't happening so therefore we must take action to protect not only the children but those visiting and shopping downtown," Polk writes. "I can assure you that kids that are behaving and not breaking laws won't be issued tickets, but those that are not abiding by the rules and laws of the City will be."

You can read the full letter online at's community partner, The Collinsville News.