Downtown Development Means More Affordable Housing Going Up

The Brady and Greenwood District are two areas of downtown bustling with new developments. The art district now has two notable art galleries, hotels and several restaurants. The Greenwood District will soon have a multi-purpose building featuring 70 housing units, some of which will overlook the Driller's baseball stadium.

"30% of the units are already taken," said Reuben Gant, who is leading the development for the Greenwood Chamber. They have gathered private funding to create the first commercial development in the district, in decades.

Down the street, the owners of Glacier Confections moved in, when the Brady District was still kind of a ghost town. Today, they're enjoying sweet success selling chocolate to the continuous streams of customers.

As Greenwood's GreenArches, goes up, there is a promise of more customers to enjoy the new establishments downtown. But the development also offers affordable living. The apartments will range from about 600-bucks to about 12 hundred for a two bedroom.

"Most of the development that has been occurring has been skewed toward high end wage earners and we felt like a market was being neglected so we decided to do a development that would cater to that market," said Gant.

The mayor says downtown still needs a few things like grocery stores, drug stores and even a dry cleaners.