Downtown Fountain Open Again After Falling Victim to Car Wrecks

A fountain in downtown Tulsa is fully functional once again after being victim to repeated car crashes.

Drivers in the downtown area may have noticed the fountain at Bartlett Square is once again operational after receiving a much needed facelift. It's in the center of the roundabout on 5th and Main.

Officials with the City of Tulsa boarded the fountain in January after the most recent vehicle wrecked into it leaving it damaged. Drivers have previously blamed the design for all the wrecks.

Engineers went to the drawing board and designed a completely different fountain. They hope that with it being low to the ground that the number of wrecks will decrease.

Officials told KTUL that improvements to the fountain were funded by insurance claims that the city collected after three recent wrecks. A portion of funds from Vision 2025 also were used.

A special ceremony will be held later this month to commemorate the fountain.