Downtown Parking Problems Affecting Business in the Area

It's no secret that parking in Downtown Tulsa is a problem and no one is more aware of that than downtown businesses.

"We just don't have enough places to park." Working at a salon on 4th St., stylist, Brenda Cosby sees the inconvenience her clients face on a daily basis. But, the lack of parking is more than just an inconvenience for the shop.

"It affects business a lot, yes... a lot. You know, when you have people who can't find a place to park and there are several salons down here -- and I know there are 8 salons in a two block area. And I know that every one of them have clients who drive in to see us. And, there's not a place to park," said Cosby.

Parking downtown, she said, has been an issue for years. An issue that she sees the effects of, every day.

"They can't get out, you know, in an hour's time to go plug the meter, or they can't find a place to park and they call and cancel their appointment," Cosby said.

While the parking problem is bad for business, it's also a major headache for people going downtown, who have had some bad experiences of their own.

"I just parked wherever I could find... And I got my car towed! Oh my god, I flipped out," said Debra Jackson, who works downtown.

It's nothing new for many in the area, pointing to broken meters and limited space, forcing some, like Cosby, to park a little farther away.

"I park 4 blocks that way," Cosby said, pointing down 4th St. "Sometimes, I'll park in the lot. But, you know, I will walk 4 blocks to find a place where it's no meters, to park."

And, with continued growth in the downtown area, many worry that there may be no quick solution for the problem.