Dozens Gather at Open House for Tulsa-OKC Train Project

Next open house held in Stroud Wednesday

Would you want to take a passenger train connecting Tulsa to Oklahoma City?

And if so, how much are you willing to pay for it?

Those were the unanswered questions at the heart of ODOT's rail project plan, which was unveiled during an open-house forum in Tulsa Tuesday evening to get the public's input and ideas.

Opponents said ODOT wants a high-speed rail, which would cost $2-billion and take years to complete.

But Rick Westcott, chairman of the Tulsa Rail Committee, said that is simply too much.

Westcott said it can be done for cheaper -- and sooner -- using existing rail lines already owned by the state.

"Those private companies we've talked to say that it would only require about $50 million in improvements. It can be brought up to passenger rail standards and they can run 4 round-trips per day and get it done within 6 months," Westcott said.

ODOT officials hope to release specific details for the project by the summer of 2015.