Dozens on Waiting List for Reading Tutors; Library Needs Volunteers

The Tulsa Library system told Channel 8 about 30 people are on a waiting list for a reading tutor... and that number is fairly normal.

"I hate it that we can't fill all those slots," said seven-year-tutor Carolyn Lee.

The library pairs volunteer tutors with people who want to improve their reading skills. There are currently 186 pairs, with some tutors having more than one student.

Lee attributes the ongoing waiting list to people just not knowing how large the need is.

About 50 percent of the learners are learning English as a second language. The other 50 percent want to improve in different areas.

"We have had people who have wanted help in learning to help their children with their homework, people who have wanted to be able to read a birthday card that their grandchildren sent them," said Lee.

Tutors often help with basic life skills, like learning to apply for driver's licenses or jobs.

The library said about one in six Tulsa County residents reads at or below a sixth grade reading level.

If you are interested in becoming a reading tutor, there are some qualifications. You may follow this link to learn more about the program and apply online. You may also call (918) 549-7400.