Area Residents Rally Against US Intervention in Syria

Dozens of protestors showed up for a rally at the intersection of 71st and Memorial, protesting American military intervention in Syria. Many of those who showed up were Syrian-Americans.

"That's our concern -- it's not the regime, it's not the government -- Syria and the Syrian civilians, who really have been harmed throughout this conflict," said rally participant, Ziad Sous. "People like my mom and dad, my family, my sister."

As images were released this week of nerve gas being used on Syrian civilians, President Obama is urging a war-weary congress to approve a strike on the country.

Oklahoma congressman, Representative Jim Bridenstine released a statement earlier this month, saying, "I am pleased that President Obama is seeking congressional authorization to use U.S. Military force in Syria...," going on to say, "Thus far, President Obama has failed to clearly define America's national security interests in Syria, or explain how a limited cruise missile strike would contribute to achieving our strategic objectives. I look forward to hearing the president's case, but right now I'm skeptical."

President Obama says the U.S. would not involve American troops on the ground, utilizing unmanned drones.

But, for those showing up for the rally in Tulsa on Sunday, their message was 'peace and diplomacy' over, what they say, would mean more violence.

"Violence doesn't lead to anything but bloodshed and violence," said one protestor.

"The way to solve our problems, is having peaceful dialogue and force a peaceful resolution to this conflict," Sous added.

Congress is expected to vote on the issue, sometime before mid-September.