Dr. Ballard Looking Forward To A Better School Year

Keith Ballard

It's his final go-around with Tulsa Public Schools, and Dr.Keith Ballard is looking forward to a better result in the new school year.

Ballard says, last year was especially tough. The district was short about 140 teachers.

And he says, funding makes all the difference.

Ballard hopes the legislature steps up and does its part to help.

"When you take a look at the Houston area paying easily $15,000-17,000 a year more, you take a look at the Dallas area paying $15,000-$20,000, even northwest Arkansas paying considerably more than we are, I'll be active with the legislature. And there will be changes."

This is Ballard's 43rd year in education, and he'd like to continue that.

Ballard currently has an agreement with OU to be a professor after the school year ends.