Dr. Inhofe Remembered Fondly

"I'm Perry Inhofe, and I'm a hand surgeon." His voice had the familiar tone and cadence of his father. Dr. Perry Inhofe, seen in his medical group's get-to-know-us video.

"I've practiced hand surgery since 1994 here at CSOS," he said.

"The best orthopedic hand surgeon probably west of the Mississippi," said Jerry Buchanan. He knows the Inhofes not only through his work in the Republican party, but also as a pilot himself.

"Perry was known as one of the safest, most proficient pilots at Riverside airport," he said.

"The aircraft was on approach to runway 18-L of Tulsa," said an NTSB official. At the briefing Monday, word that it's too soon to speculate on the cause of the crash. But, says Buchanan, given Inhofe's advanced flying skills, even being a flight instructor, whatever did happen must have been catastrophic.

"Someone with his expertise would have been able to handle that airplane in just about any condition unless it was something mechanical that could not have been anticipated," he said.

Dr. Inhofe, he says, was a stickler for detail, both in the air and in his practice.

"I spent a lot of time under the microscope, fixing nerves, arteries, tendons, and the structures of the hand," said Inhofe.

Surgeon, pilot, family man. Born with a hefty last name and soaring to heights of his own.

"Their family I'm sure is huddling, they're gathering, and they're praying and they're leaning on each other for strength," said Buchanan.