Drag Racing Makes A Big Comeback In Tulsa

The sport of drag racing is making a big comeback in Tulsa.

But just 2-years ago that wasn't the case, because our north side track was set to close-down.

Now they're looking forward to reaching their 50-th anniversary in 2015.

The turn around is the result of new ownership, new sponsorship and modern marketing.

Owner Keith Haney says they've done a much better job of reaching out to their fan base with a big emphasis on social media.

They've also cleaned up the track and been fortunate to get the backing of the Osage Casino.

As part of that deal, free play tickets for the casino's games are given out at the track a couple of times a year.

Haney says their racing will appeal to families that don't know anything about drag racing.

The kids love everything from the wheelies, to cars roaring down the track at more than 200-miles an hour.

"If you haven't been you've gotta try it, because the rush it gives you as a spectator is unbelievable. I mean it makes your chest pound and your

heart race and it just makes you go wanna get in one of em."

He says plan to spend a lot of time when you come because it's infectious and don't forget to have a pair of ear plugs.

The races have a physical impact on the fans, with the noise and vibration.

Plus, fans can go into the pit area, with very few restrictions.

They can stand right next to the crews as they work on their engines and get ready for the next run.

The track has come a long way since almost shutting down.

In 2012 they were given "Track of the Year" awards, by Competition Plus and the NHRA.

This weekend they will host the XDRL Spring Nationals.

It will be the track's first spring nationals event in 10-years.