Drillers Shine At Texas League All-Star Game

The Tulsa Drillers originally had ten elected to the Texas League All-Star Game, but only seven made the trip due to various reasons. That's the most in franchise history. While it was cool to have some many Drillers on the roster, the guys said it was also neat playing with guys they normally play against.

"That's kind of different, but to get to know them personally was kind of cool." said Drillers All-Star pitcher Dan Winkler, "So when you go back and you're playing against them you know that they're not just an opponent they're an actual person. So that's kind of cool."

"It's awesome man. It's a great group of guys." said Drillers All-Star Catcher Ryan Casteel, "A lot of us Drillers are on the team so that makes it fun. Just playing with guys we've been playing against all year."

All-star games are a great way to honor the players and they definitely want to have fun, but don't think for a split second that their main objective isn't to win the game.

"Oh for sure. These guys are here for a reason, because they compete and they love the game." said Tulsa Drillers All-Star Infielder Taylor Featherston, "Don't let them fool you were going to be having a good time and joking around, but at the end of the day I'm sure both sides want to take home the W."

Drillers All-Star DH Harold Riggins added, "I mean I think when you step between the lines you want to win every game. So, we'll see what happens."

Harold Riggins represented the Drillers and the North All-Stars in the Home Run Derby. Although he didn't win he did crank five out of the ball park.

"I thought I did alright." said Harold Riggins, "I was a little nervous going into it, but it's tough, Arkansas is a big park. Just tried to hit them out where I can. Some of the balls didn't travel, but I thought I did a good job."

Tulsa pitchers Jon Gray and Kraig Sitton both pitched perfect innings and helped the North All-Stars to the 3-1 victory over the South. All and all, it was a really good All-Star break for the Drillers.