Drillers Workers Dance to the Beat of Their Own Batter

Just above the action on Oneok Field is a team of video production workers drumming up some action of their own. The small group is beginning to garner some stares and smiles for their dance moves to Driller's second baseman Angelys Nina's walk-up music.

The group is in charge of the music and video incorporated into baseball games. The field's announcer Kirk McAnany works in that office too. They work in a room behind home plate and often stand up to dance whenever Nina's Latin dance track plays.

"I mean we're not trying to get fans' attention. We're just having fun, but I think people have noticed down there. We've heard applause a few times," said Drillers video production manager Alan Ramseyer.

Ramseyer said the tradition began during his days as an intern, when another player featured Latin walk-up music. That player eventually went on to the majors. However, the group got back to dancing once Nina chose his song.

"It's just got a good beat. Makes you want to stand up and dance," Ramseyer said.

The song is Dale Mami by Wilo d New.

Nina smiled, recalling the first time he saw the men dancing to his song.

"I was like, 'Wow, what are they doing?'"

The men unanimously said their dance skills are not necessarily top shelf. However, their job is to help put on the show for baseball fans.

"If we could do something that adds to the fun, we're just doing our job," McAnany said.

The Drillers are in their final home stand of the season. Their last home game is Monday. They have already qualified for the play-offs.

For the full story-- and the dance moves-- please watch the video posted above.