Driver Flips Truck, Runs From Scene With Passengers

A driver hits a pole and leaves their pickup overturned on an east Tulsa lawn.

The crash happened about 1:30am in a neighborhood near 27th Street and 145th East Avenue.

Police say the truck traveled fast enough that it sheared a street light pole off at the ground. Investigators think the driver was drinking and lost control once realizing they'd run out of road on a dead end.

After the pickup landed on its side, the driver and passengers got out and ran over to a second car which took off from the scene.

The people took off so fast, officers weren't able to immediately get a description of the getaway car. They believe it probably drove right past them as they responded to the scene.

No one else was injured. Call Crimestoppers at 918-596-COPS if you have any information about the suspects.