Driver Taken into Custody After Hitting School Children

A Tulsa driver was arrested after hitting kids waiting for a school bus early Tuesday morning.

Tulsa Police said Thomas Kirk was driving south near 8700 south Lewis Avenue about 6:45am.

Officers on scene told that Kirk didn't notice a stopped Jenks school bus and swerved to miss hitting it. Instead, his truck veered toward a group of children standing near the Southern Villas mobile home park entrance.

Police said Kirk's truck was moving at low speed when it hit at least 2 children. One of them was knocked to the ground while another jumped out of the way. A young girl was checked out at the scene for a bump on her head. None of the children were hurt seriously enough to require ambulance transport to the hospital.

Tulsa officer placed Kirk into custody and took him away in a police car. He was booked on one complaint of speeding too fast for conditions.