Drivers Dodging Wayward Turtles During Mating Season

When you think "turtles," you may picture them in a swampy, overgrown setting; but this time of year, you will see them going all sorts of places, including, across roadways.

You may have noticed, lately, that you're sharing the roads with more than just other drivers. Turtles are on the move and adding another obstacle to your daily driving conditions. But, why now?

"This time of year, they're real active, so you're going to see them moving from one place to another," said wildlife expert, Colin Berg. He says, it is that time of year for the turtles -- mating season. That means the reptiles are out and about, showing up where drivers do not necessarily want to see them.

It is a scenario some people know all too well. "When I was 16, I ran over a turtle and it was the worst feeling in the world. To hear the sound and to know I killed something while I was driving, it just was horrible," said driver, Eli Brown.

So, where are the little guys going, this time, every year?

"The males are looking for a girlfriend, basically, they're just out -- they don't have a plan, they're just moving. And hopefully they'll find the right girl across their trail, eventually," Oxley Nature Center Director, Eddie Reese said, laughing.

It almost sounds romantic; but not for everybody. When asked if he will keep a closer eye out for turtles in the road, Brown said, "Oh, yeah; I saw one this morning and I made sure to go around it. I don't ever want to run over a turtle again."

Experts Tulsa's Channel 8 spoke with, said do not risk your own safety, but if you have a chance, help a turtle out of the road.