Drop Off Hazardous Waste For Free

This time of year is perfect for doing fall cleaning, including getting rid of hazardous waste materials.

This weekend, the Metropolitan Environmental Trust, or M.E.T., is helping with a pollutant collection event at the Tulsa Fairgrounds.

Twice a year, Tulsa-area residents get to dispose of items from oil and paints to chemicals.

The event averages about 2,000 cars unloaded over the two-day period. Each car costs about $75 to process the waste, but a grant from the government makes the free collection event possible.

"It's something that's extremely important, and we want to make our communities safer, so that's why the city and the M.E.T. provides this for Tulsa and surrounding communities," says Annie Tyndall, the Creative Media Director of the M.E.T.

Drop off continues Sunday from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. at gate 7 of the fairgrounds.

Volunteers will unload the waste from the cars.