Drought Bringing Unwanted Guests to Your Backyard

The ongoing drought may have many of you seeing some unwanted visitors in your neighborhoods. More and more critters are coming closer to our homes.

"The two years of drought that we have had, a lot of these animals are having trouble finding water and finding a food source" says OSU Extension Agricultural Educator, Bruce Peverley.

Peverley says wild animals like deer and turkeys are after your ornamental plants and growing grass in your yards. But raccoons and coyotes are looking for food in your trash cans and any dog food left outside.

He says this is a little uncommon for these animals because they are usually afraid of people, but will put that fear aside when it comes to needing food and water. He does offer some advice to get rid of these unwanted animals.

"Only feed what your pets going to eat a day. Don't use it as something that will attract them because they think it's 4 or 5 pounds left and a good deal, I will just come here everyday," says Peverley.

Peverley also suggests that you keep your lawn short and your shrubs trim so no unwanted insects or snacks find their way to your home.