Reported Drunk Driver Takes Police on Wild Chase

A man is behind bars this morning after taking Tulsa Police on a wild chase Friday morning.

It happened when an officer tried to pullover 45-year-old Thomas Supernaw Thursday night just before 11 p.m. for failing to use his turn signal. The traffic violation happened near 15th and Sheridan.

According to officials at the scene, when Supernaw finally pulled over, a woman jumped out of the car and yelled that the driver would not let her out. Right after that, Supernaw hit the gas and took off just as police were about to approach the car.

Supernaw got onto the Broken Arrow Expressway and drove up to 115 miles an hour. Police tried to keep up driving a reported 110 miles an hour. When Supernaw took the Detroit exit, TPD officers decided to end the pursuit because it could be dangerous for others in the area.

Eventually, Supernaw's car spun out of control near 1900 S. Boulder. A witness saw the suspect get out of the car and run away. Police were able to catch up with him near 2100 S. Boulder in Veterans Park.

Police charged Supernaw with several offenses included expired tags, felony eluding, no drivers license, and a third DUI.