Drunk Vian Driver Goes on Road Rampage

A Vian man was arrested by Broken Arrow police after allegedly drunkenly driving vehicles off the roadway Saturday from Vian to B.A.

A witness following the suspect, James Asbill, reportedly observed him run up on a curb and strike another vehicle. The witness said Asbill ran around 13 cars off the roadway.

The booking report from the Broken Arrow Police Department said Asbill was stumbling around outside his vehicle when officers arrived and appeared to be intoxicated.

Asbill reportedly told officers his wife was driving but then she pointed back at him.

Asbill's wife and their 15-year-old son said the suspect had been smoking either marijuana or K-2 earlier in the day and had downed around 10 mini bottles of 99 Apples liquor.

When the wife would ask Asbill, who was reportedly driving at speeds up to 120 miles per hour, to pull over, he would flip her off, the report states.

When the officer was trying to performance horizontal gaze Nystagmus test on the suspect, he would not comply and kept opening and closing his eyes.

Asbill was booked on complains of child endangerment and for driving under the influence while getting in an injury accident.

He is being held on $28,600 bond.