Update: Dry Gulch Christmas Train Rides Sell Out In Record Time

Courtesy of Dry Gulch USA

The Dry Gulch Christmas Train is a tradition for many Oklahoma families. But if you planned on attending the annual event in Adair, Oklahoma, you are a little too late.

The Christmas Train's 2012 season sold out in just 12 hours. Exactly 50,000 tickets went fast on the attraction's website. Tickets went on sale at 12:00 am Thursday for a super sale, which was offering tickets for $10.

The Christmas Train is pulled by an antique steam locomotive and travels past scenes of the bible and the story of Christmas. The tracks are confined to the property of Dry Gulch USA a summer camp that's transformed into a Western winter wonderland.

Last year the train sold out, in just two days. Dry Gulch USA is about an hour from Tulsa.