Duke Coach Says Toughing It Out, Doesn't Apply To Pain

In the years ahead millions of baby boomers will be facing some tough health decisions.

Duke University Head Basketball Coach, Mike Krzyzewski, delayed hip replacement surgery and regretted that decision.

We spoke with him about making life choices and keeping the right balance.

Whether it's choices about joint pain, or about our careers.

Krzyzewski says balance is a key word when it comes to family, faith, health and work.

He says it helps to be around good people, you care about and respect, because life is a team effort.

He adds that you can't let setbacks stop you in life, because obstructions and defeats are simply an opportunity to learn and move forward.

But Krzyzewski says toughing it out, doesn't apply to medical decisions.

He says when he finally listened to his doctor about a hip replacement, it was absolutely the right choice.

He's working with DePuy Orthopedics to encourage people to make the right decisions, so they can avoid unnecessary pain.

Krzyzewski says he waited far too long to have his surgery.

Now that he's gone through with it, he's moving better at 65 than he did in his early 50's.