Dust Bowl Conditions

We are currently experiencing the driest four-month period since before the 1930s Dust Bowl, and many farmers are giving up hope for the desperately needed rain. The US is the world's largest exporter of wheat and corn, but the dry conditions are making farming very difficult for wheat farmers in Oklahoma and Texas.

According to the latest release from the US Drought Monitor, a severe to extreme drought is affecting many southern Plains states and southwestern states. Currently in Oklahoma we have only received 0.05" of rainfall for the month of April compared to the average 1.39" of rainfall we normally experience by this time of the month. We are 4.19" of rainfall below average for the year so far! Many counties in Oklahoma are currently under a burn ban and wildfires blaze throughout the state.

Not only are fires a big concern of Oklahomans, but many farmers are also concerned. Some have considered switching to another crop as there has not been enough rain to support wheat and corn. Imagine what this could do to the price of food.

Let's all do our best rain dance and hope for some more rain!

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