Early Childhood Education is Growing in Oklahoma, Area Schools

Union Public Schools, in partnership with the Community Action Project, has expanded its three and four year old programs, at Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center.

The expansion is the kind of growth that keeps Oklahoma leading many other states in the area of educating preschoolers.

"As a mom, I feel so lucky," said Maria Salaises, who is watching her third child go through the program.
Her daughter, Jazminne is three, and showing independence that experts say comes from exposure to a certified teacher and planned lessons.

At Rosa Parks ECEC, the three year old program was expanded this year from 200 students to 300. They added a total of 8 classrooms, and even brought in some four year old students.

"Not not every student is suited for the educational journey. Some need more time, more remediation more intervention," said Dr. Kirt Hartzler, Superintendent, who says the goal is 100-percent graduation, college and career ready students.